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We choose the Tournaments we offer by asking. Does it offer an all around experience. Including the Safety, Soccer, Location, and atmosphere.  Safety, do we feel safe bringing players to this location.  Soccer, is there a good sample or different levels of international teams attending the competition ?  Location, will the players enjoy the location of the tournament ? Atmosphere, including. Does the Tournament offer side events such as soccer villages, team events, friendly games, Pro games, Opening ceremonies.  Will the players feel the Fun, excitement and get a great experience out of the tournament. All these factors sum up to produce a awesome, balanced experience.  We will not choose a Tournament if it doesnt offer an international experience. Soccer tournaments tours

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Soccer training in France

France Soccer Tour - Training

France Soccer Tour Training Clairefontaine  - Paris- Marseille 10 Days France Soccer Tour Training.  WSS will bring you to the
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Total football Training in Holland

Holland Soccer Tour - Training

Holland Soccer Tour - Total Football Training All Inclusive Holland Soccer Tour - Total Football Training.  WSS will fly your
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Italy soccer friendly games

Italy Soccer Tour - Friendly Games

Italy Soccer Tour Friendly Games Florence - Rome - Naples 12 Days Italy Soccer Tour Friendly Games. Ask almost any
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cost rica Soccer tour friendly games

Costa Rica Soccer Tour - Friendly Games

Costa-Rica Soccer Tour - Friendly Costa-Rica Soccer Tour - Friendly World Soccer Systems  will fly you to the Tropical paradise
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Cindy Freedman

France Soccer Tour Friendly

My son came back a different player thanks to World Soccer! Parent – TEXAS


San Marino Cup Soccer

I have told all my friends about your program!-Paul Britton, Player – Alabama