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Our Services. We touch the ball everyday if we are not playing a game then we are in a training session. If we are not playing soccer than we are sightseeing. The focus is on the whole experience, soccer, sight-seeing, atmosphere. All add up to the whole experience.  Team and individual players are here, to experience soccer in Europe. Furthermore to stay in shape for the next season. The players will touch the ball a million times during the tour, along with seeing and experiencing the sites of Europe.


World Soccer Tours arranges teams comprised of players from all over the United States and the World that desire to play soccer in Europe. These select teams are very exciting. Normally, two age groups are combined to form one age group: U-13s are 12 & 13 year olds, U-15s are 14 &15 year olds,  U17s are 16 & 17 year olds


World Soccer Tours (WST) can accommodate any whole team that wants to travel to Europe. Whole teams can either participate in the same Itinerary as the All-Star teams or they may choose to make up an itinerary of their own. WST suggests one of its listed tour packages.

Fan Packages

WST can organize a 4-10 night package for Fans of Soccer. Go and watch Matches of your choosing for any Mens’, Womens’  National, or Professional league. Whether it be the English Premier league, German Bundesliga, Italian Seri A, Spanish La Liga, Champions League, Euro Championships or World Cup competitions. We organize your complete tour from Flights to Accommodations, Sight-Seeing, Meals, Game Tickets, and most anything else.  Just see our list of Fan tours      


When we are not playing games or training, we travel to see local attractions and experience the surrounding culture. Sight-seeing is determined by you the guides, team and coaches. We will give suggestions but ultimately its your tour. City passes which include local transportation are included in each tour.  Every city has numerous sites of social, historical and cultural significance. In addition there are local soccer events such as professional matches that we try to attend. For example; The Gothia Cup, the whole city is transformed into a massive soccer attraction with a carnival-like atmosphere. Most sites will be included in your package and city passes.


Accommodations vary from country to country and range from dorm rooms to 4 star hotels. World Soccer team players also can choose to stay in dorm-like settings if a available which is great for team chemistry and your budget. All rooms are comfortable and come with linens and towels. Parent and spectators reside in 3-4 star hotels and B&Bs. Most have restaurants, bars, room service, ect….

Air Travel

World Soccer Tours only uses major airline carriers for all international travel.  “Land Only” packages are offered to those who wish to book their own flights. Tours that use air travel between countries within the tour itinerary is included in the price

Ground Transportation

A private 24/7 Bus w/driver is used throughout the duration of their tour on select tours.  Public transportation could be utilized with a Tournament Cup card along with scheduled private bus transportation. Local transportation passes providing 24/7 use of trams, buses, trains, and boats maybe provided on some tours. Sometimes Tournament Shuttles are also used to transport players and fans to and from games due to its convenience.  Some tours get the opportunity to board a cruise from country to country. This journey takes 12 hours. The ship is a large cruise liner with many amenities.  Players will stay four to a cabin. Transportation is provided for in most cases.

Tournament Games

If you have selected a Tournament program, World Soccer guarantees 3-4 games then playoffs if your team wins the group. Friendly games and consolation rounds are played. Usually, each team has played 5-7 games by the conclusion of the tour.

Training Sessions

World Soccer Tours arranges training sessions with various European trainers and coaches. Tours attend pro sessions at various pro training facilities. These are led by one of their professional coaches. These sessions are a great experience and fun for the players as well as parents.  Coaches will also train your team at every opportunity.

Supervision, Security, Coaches Guides, & Assistant Coaches

Players are to obey the rules set forth by the coaches including curfew times. If selected WST provides a qualified coach/guide for each team. Our coaches are responsible adults that have years of experience coaching youth. Also along side the head coaches we can provide assistant coaches to aid with supervision of players. Normally college players heavily involved with soccer. In addition World Soccer can provides soccer guides, usually ex-professional players from teams such as Liverpool and Manchester. They have unique personalities with stories to tell. These are great additions to your tour, affordable, and well worth the price.  All venues have security 24 hours a day. On all excursions a buddy system is used. The younger ages are always escorted. 


Tours come with breakfast and dinner some include lunch also.  Allow 6-10 dollars a day for lunch.


Adults and spectators are welcome to accompany the players, they cannot participate in training sessions and games. Parents stay in 3-4 star hotel or a B & B not more than 10 min away from player accommodations. other options in hotels or dorms with players are available depending on the tour. Included with hotel accommodation is breakfast. Meal plan options are available as well.  Additionally a full itinerary such as City passes and transportation is available. Finally another option is to be in country and away from the group dong side tours, just inquire.


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