World Soccer Tours: What to Expect on our Soccer Tours

What to expect on our soccer tour

What to expect on our soccer tour. If you have never been on a WST soccer tour, the first thing you will notice is how organized we are.  We do not mess around when it comes to your monies worth. We do most of the work for you!  Pick a tour fill out an application and send in it with your deposit. That is it, we do all the rest. Besides the group leader gathering info for us you can sit back and expect a hassle free outstanding tour.  We are there 24/7 to support your questions and needs.

What to Expect on our Soccer Tours



The website or our experienced sales team will be your first interaction with WST. They will introduce you to our tours and many options.  After choosing the Tour for you or your team we will customize your Itinerary. Next registration and deposits are made. Confirmation emails and first newsletters are sent out and continue throughout the tour process. Installment payments will be made during the months before travel.  If you registered through a sales agent you will have 2-3 personal face to face meetings with them to update or inform you of any changes. we will give you a travel packet with all the info you will need along with WSS apparel.  When its time to travel you will be in the know and well informed.

The whole Experience

what to expect on our soccer tour when traveling with WST is not just about playing soccer !! You can do that in your back yard. At World Soccer Tours we give you the whole experience. Immerse you in the culture and sites of the countries you visit. Yes the tour is centered around soccer but there is much more to experience on one of our tours.

First you will fly on a major airline to your destination most of if not all of our flights are non-stop.  After arrival you will go thru customs and then meet your Transportation. Usually this is a luxury coach (bus) that will either be with the group 24/7 or we will have it scheduled when needed.  Once on the bus you will be transported to your accommodations.


Our standard Accommodations are 4 star unless you ask for a 3 star, economy or dorm room option. We do this because after a long day and night out and about we want you to come back to a relaxing, comfortable, clean, trouble free atmosphere where you can get a great nights sleep. Most of our Hotels have restaurants, bars, health and gym facilities along with onsite laundry services that give you in house options. Breakfast is included with all our tours, most tours  have meal options and our youth tours are usually full board. All accommodations are within walking distance of the local transportation hubs.

All our tours come with either/and  24/7 local transportation, scheduled transportation and local transportation passes. These allow you unrestricted access to explore the cities you are in so you do not have to worry about getting around locally. Intra-city or inter country transportation is always included and you maybe taking a Plane, Boat, Luxury Coach, or high speed train to your next destination.


At your destination use your included city passes and local trans pass to explore until your feet drop off.  Visit all the major sites and off the chart places too. Your passes allow you free rein, you will not have time to see all the sites but you can try. Explore the cities and taste the foods, visit the markets, art, science and history Museums.  Take a boat cruise and take in the city from a different perspective. Enjoy and relax this is your tour !!

If you have chosen a guide as an option they will keep you busy and entertained along the way. Our guides are ex-professional players who know the tour and areas history well. Just ask them for a local story about football, customs or where the best pub is. They will not disappoint.


Of course there is the soccer. Whether you have chosen a Friendly game tour a Tournament , Training or Fan tour. Soccer is king.  Playing in a different country against healthy competition will amaze you, See the way the European teams play and train at superb facilities. This is why you really came. Football is life in theses countries and you will see why.  Experience the local clubs when playing friendly games. The hospitality of these clubs are second to none…after the games have a reception with the other team at their clubhouse.  Mingle and meet new friends and take it all in. Pinch yourself because this is really happening.

On all our tours we see 2-4 professional games. Needless to say these add to the whole experience…you wont forget what these add to the experience.


Our tournaments that we offer are some of the biggest and best in the world. Check out our site and what and where we have to offer.    These Tournaments offer 3-8 days of amazing soccer. International teams from all over the globe will be your competition.  Usually teams are housed with other teams in such a way that when there is free time players can mingle with other team players and build lasting relationships and share stories.  Some of our Tournaments are truly international experiences with Olympic like opening ceremonies not to be missed . For Example the Gothia Cup hosting over 1700 teams has its opening ceremonies in a 60,000 seat stadium which is usually sold out. you don’t want to miss this. Our Tournament Locations, Like Sweden, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Ireland and many more amazing places to play in and sight-see in.

Our Training tours offer excellent venues in Holland, France and England with full training itineraries, full board, friendly games and sight-seeing opportunities..

If you are a Fan of Soccer expect our tours to be 5 star with 3-14 days of watching pro games and tournaments like The World Cup, Euro championships, Champions League and National league matches. All our tours include transportation passes and city passes along with many options to choose from. Let us show you an experience of a lifetime.

When Your Done

What to expect on our soccer tour when your tour is done….you will be ready to go home and take a vacation from your vacation. You will look back and know that you got every pennies worth from a great company.  Have memories to always cherish and share. You will most likely planning your next soccer tour with us.




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