FIFA Women’s WC Soccer Tour’ World Cup 2023 14 Days

Womens WC Soccer Tour. This promises to be the tour of a lifetime. WSS brings teams and fans to the largest womens professional tournament in the world for 14 Days.   Teams incorporate playing in a tournament, friendly games, watching the World Cup and sight-seeing. If you are a Fan than watching and sight-seeing will be your agenda.  At least 3 World Cup games are included.  Furthermore city passes and local transportation are included. Everything except Lunch and dinners, a meal plan is optional. 

Who ever gets selected by FIFA it will be a great location

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ bidding process, which has seen an unprecedented interest from member associations. It has reached an important milestone, the following four bids having been submitted by the deadline of 13 December 2019:

  • Joint submission by the Football Federation Australia and New Zealand Football
  • Submission by the Brazilian Football Association
  • By the Colombian Football Association
  • Submission by the Japan Football Association

Womens WC Soccer Tour. FIFA will now implement an assessment process, including inspection visits to the member associations. These inspections are  taking place in January and February 2020. Once finalized, the evaluation report will be published on  All eligible bids will be presented to the FIFA Council they will select the host(s) of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 at its meeting in Addis Ababa in June 2020. This will be amazing tour.


DEPARTURE TIME June    Approximately 2:00 PM
RETURN TIME June   Approximately 6:30 PM.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, “See what to Pack” in tour documentation
RT Flights

Friendly Games / Training sessions

24/7 Tour Support 

City Passes

11 Nights Accommodations

 Local Transportation 

Euro Game Tickets 

Parent Itinerary

NOT INCLUDED Spending Money  Fuel Surcharge  Lunch and Dinner



This is a basic Itinerary for a team If you are traveling as a Fan remove the team events. A detailed Itinerary TBA when the host cities are announced 

Day 1  June  Thursday PM – Depart Local Airport Fly to Colombia, Japan, Australia, or Brazil 

Day 2  June   Friday AM/PM – Arrive check in 3/4 Day of sightseeing, possible training session with local coach

Day 3  June  Saturday AM/PM – ½ day of sight-see  with city pass / Friendly Game 

Day 4  June  Sunday AM/PM – Group event Sight-see / PM world cup match #1 

Day 5  June  Monday AM/PM – Day of Sight-seeing / Fan Zone –  

 Day 6  June Tuesday AM/PM – Early morning transfer to next city / Sight-see 

Day 7  June  Wednesday AM/PM – Sight-see all Day / training session with local coach

Day 8  June  Thursday AM/PM – Sight-see / mini tournament with local pro club reception to follow

Day 9  June  Friday AM/PM – Sight-see TBA / World Cup game #2 

Day 10 June Saturday AM/PM – Early flight to next city / Sight-see using your City Pass  

Day 11 June Sunday AM/PM – Sight-see  /  Afternoon Friendly game with Pro club

Day 12 June Monday AM/PM – Sight-see  / Fan zone

Day 13 June Tuesday AM/PM – Morning relaxing last min shopping /possible training session with local coach  PM World Cup game # 3 

Day 14 June  Wednesday AM/PM – Early Flight Home



  • RT Flights
  • Inter Europe Flights
  • World Cup Tickets Cat 1-2
  • 4 Nights 4 star Accommodations in City 1
  • 4 Night  4 star Accommodations in City 2
  • 4 Night 4 star  Accommodations in City 3
  • Friendly Games / Tournaments
  • Local Transportation passes
  • 24/7 Tour Support
  • City Passes
  • Breakfast
  • Apparel

Not included

  • Spending Money
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Lunch and dinner dinner plan optional 


Many different hotel and star options are available for both player and parents.


Stay in University Dorm like or classroom like settings with meal plan

Womens WC Soccer Tour

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